Yubiso FACIAL BRUSH C370002

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Yubiso FACIAL BRUSH C370002

Facial Cleansing Brush

- Weight : 0.06kg

- Superfine & soft synthetic hair. Antibiosis and Anti Allergic

- Miracle of Deep Cleaning by fine brush!

- It is much cleaner to use pore brush than just washing face with hands.

- Hair material: Super soft and fine synthetic hair, humps design, massage function

- Rub facial cleanser or soap with clean wash brush and make foams.

- Rub face softly with clean wash brush drawing circles for about 2 minutes

-Wash face with clean water

- Wash the brush after use, press the brush softly to force water out and then dry the brush in the air

- Package includes: 1x Handle Ultrasoft FAcial CLeansing CAre Brush

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