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Yubiso TOOTHBRUSH B860002

- Children's toothbrush

- 100% high quality and soft bristle

- Makes kid love to brush teeth and has healthy teeth

- Independently protect the head cover to prevent the dust

- Cute design, easy to hold in hands

- Teeth whitening, oral care and clean your teeth

- The soft slim tip bristles can effectively clean the teeth surface and tight speces between teeth

- It is recommended to replace your toothbrush at least once a month for better clean

- Completely clean to the bottom of bristle, after use keep in a ventilated place

- Please keep away from fire, heat resistant temperature is 80 degree celcius

- Material: Handle PP + TPR, Bristle Lynlon sharp wool

- Executive Standard: GB30003-2013

- Weight: 0.040kg

- Quantity: 3pcs

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